SSI-4: Stuttering Severity Instrument

Nell’ambito di una rilevazione nazionale ricerchiamo professionisti della riabilitazione logopedica e del linguaggio che utilizzano il test clinico SSI-4: Stuttering Severity Instrument – Quarta Edizione

A Stuttering Severity Instrument for Children and Adults

A new instrument for measuring stuttering severity has been standardized on 109 children and 28 adults. The instrument attemptedto meet the criteria of simplicity, objectivity, sensitivity to fluency changes of clinical significance, reliability, validity, and usability with children and adults. The frequency, duration, and associated physical concomitants of prolongations or repetitions of short speech segments are described. Procedures have been devised for scoring so that a range of 0 to 45 is possible. The statistical reliability and validity appear to qualify the instrument for clinical and research uses.

The test covers four areas of speech behavior:
  1. Frequency (expressed in percent syllables stuttered and converted to scale scores of 2–18)
  2. Duration (timed to the nearest one tenth of a second and converted to scale scores of 2–18)
  3. Physical concomitants (converted to scale scores of 0–20)
  4. Naturalness of the individual’s speech
The SSI-4 can also be used in conjunction with the Stuttering Prediction Instruments for Young Children (SPI).




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